Caspers Constructions and Contractors Long Beach California

We love what you did for our little Naples cottage -
you get an A+!
Jennifer & Niels Larsen

Ninety days from start to finish and the job was incredible. Every detail was covered...We are still thankful to Ed and his crews.
Greg & Joanne Sydow

Caspers Construction really listened to what we wanted: Ed developed the design for the 2nd floor addition and remodeled 1st floor that gave us what we needed within our budget. Everything was handled fairly and efficiently.
Joanne & Greg Jones, El Dorado Park Estates,
Long Beach CA

Caspers Construction found ways to build our two additions, when other builders just seemed to be stumped. We are extremely happy that Caspers took on our building, and did an incredible—and very fast—job. Not only is Caspers resourceful and fast, the company is well respected by the city’s building inspectors. For every obstacle, Caspers Construction was wonderfully resourceful in finding ways to get the job done: from designing special roofs to adjusting to lot-shape challenges to complying with city planning department restrictions.
John & Joyce Stacy, Long Beach, CA

You guys did such a fantastic job - we love it.
Kim & Bruce Phillips

I have no hesitation in recommending Caspers Construction for home remodeling. Their price was fair, they kept the workplace clean and delivered the project on time. I'm not sure many people can say they would hire the same contractor more than once, but I plan to.
Geri & Bill Ormond

Caspers Construction is the real deal! Their professionalism, dedication and passion for construction is evident in every detail.
Tanya & Kevin Cummings

Ed knew what I wanted and made it happen.
Greg & Joanne Sydow

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